Referral Partners

We love to support our referral partners and their clients. We pride ourselves on helping you and your clients achieving their financial dreams. If there is a credit file related barrier involved then please feel free to reach out to us to discuss and see how we can help and support.



We can remove Credit Defaults, Credit Enquiries, Missed Repayments and Default Judgments to help open your clients options up to more lenders & more competitive interest rates.

Act as a value add to your business by giving you and your clients more options at your disposal.

Direct access to the representative conducting the negotiations on the file, no hold or transfer times for updates, same for your client.

Your client would be using a well trusted and experience team backed by nothing but 5 Google reviews.


See for yourself exactly how much of a difference our services make in helping people like your clients achieve peace of mind and financial freedom, to live a better and more stress-free life.



what we do

Credit Default removals

Credit default will remain a client’s file for 5 years, we specialise in the removal of these items.

Default Judgment removals

A Default/Court Judgment occurs as a result of litigation from a Credit provider. They remain on a client’s file for 5 years, we specialise in the removal of these listings.

Credit Enquiry removals

Every time a client applies for finance, the Credit Provider will check the client’s credit file. This leaves an enquiry, the more enquiries – the heavier the impact on a credit score.

Missed Repayment amendments

These occur when a client misses a repayment on a loan facility and the arrears are not made up within 14 days. These can be amended in certain circumstances.


No removal = No fee

We only charge for successful removals, we will not charge for unsuccessful attempts at removals. We do get a deposit at the start, but it is FULLY refundable if we find no success.

Personalised Treatment

You and the client, deal with the same person throughout entire process. The same person dealing with the negotiations as well. Direct access to the handler with their mobile number and email.

Payment Plans available

We offer direct debit payment plans to clients where required. This is all handled in house, meaning there is no impact to the client’s credit file for using this payment method.

let’s partner up

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